Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
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Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera plant is one of the most commonly known houseplants because of the gel you find inside its leaves. If you go into any chemist or department store, chances are you will find a product for sale which contains Aloe Vera gel and has a picture of this plant on the packaging.

We recommend buying an Aloe Vera plant not only for its purported medicinal uses, but because this indoor plant is actually fantastically easy to care for and a mature well-cared for Aloe Vera can look incredibly striking and beautiful. 

Aloe Vera makes an excellent houseplant, and grows very fast when compared to other succulents. Be careful around pets though, it is toxic when eaten by cats and dogs, so ensure it is out of their reach.

Aloe Vera gel is sold to treat a lot of different aliments, from burns to helping support the health of the digestive system and because of the gel's popularity it's not surprising that the plant itself has become easily recognisable.

When it comes to other possible medical uses, we do get asked a lot if "the Aloe Vera plant is edible?" This is because it's reported to help with stomach complaint. We really don't want to encourage you to cut bits off to eat, unless you truly know what you are doing (some parts of the Aloe Vera plant are toxic and others can create laxative effects!)

If you're a serious Aloe Vera Gel believer it's best if you stick to the official products that have been created specifically for purpose. So again please no D.I.Y. experiments with the leaves unless you know what you're doing.


Care Guide


Sitting your Aloe Vera plant in any South-facing window is a great choice because it will get lots of sunlight. Like most succulents, it's literally designed for such places and as a result you will get lots of good quality and even growth.

However Aloe's will also be quite happy in a North-facing aspect, growth will be slower and you will have to rotate the plant pot every month or so to ensure an even look. In general the Aloe Vera plant is adaptable when it comes to light and it's difficult to go wrong. Good strong light - even with some direct sunlight - will help you to grow a quality looking Aloe.


During Spring and Summer, water thoroughly every time the soil has dried out. Where you decide to put the plant will dictate how long it takes for the soil to dry out and therefore how long you need to wait between waterings. Anything from a week up to three would be normal.

Aloe's can use a lot of water in hot weather so don't let the watering can be a stranger.

In Autumn and Winter, water much less frequently. If it's in a very cool spot, restricting watering to once every other month is a very good idea in order to prevent root and stem rot.


Humidity is really not important for almost all succulents and this includes the Aloe Vera plant.


How to Care for the Alocasia Recap:

  1. Strong Light: Aloe is light-loving plant.

  2. Average Watering: Water each time the top soil dries out, once every couple weeks.

  3. Warm Temperature: Aloe takes the high Indian temperature in its stride.

  4. Annual Feeding: Over feeding can produce soft leaves. Restrict adding fertilizer to once a year.

  • It can be toxic in high levels when consumed and the plant is poisonous to cats and dogs.


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