African Mask (Alocasia)
African Mask (Alocasia)
African Mask (Alocasia)
African Mask (Alocasia)
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African Mask (Alocasia)

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Alocasia is also widely known as the African Mask Plant, Kris Plant or Elephant Ears. This unusual looking houseplant will produce flowers on occasion, but it's not brought for this reason. When it comes to an Alocasia purchase, it's all about the unusual and unique alien looking leaves.

The impressive and stunning leaves are arrowhead or shield shaped with large protruding white veins running through them which contrasts strongly with the rest of the dark green leaf.

How do you pronounce Alocasia correctly? Say: al-lo-KAY-zee-uh

While a number of interesting Alocasia varieties have started to gain significant popularity, they can be very difficult to find. Alocasia plants in general are not recommended for the complete novice so be mindful caring for these houseplants because they might not last very long if the care provided isn't right. That said, anyone with a bit of houseplant experience (and the right growing conditions) should be perfectly fine with these beauties.

Care Guide


You must avoid both direct harsh sunlight and very dark, gloomy spots for your plant. Locations which fall between these two extremes are required. These plants cope much better with some morning or late afternoon sun falling on their leaves.


When in active growth the compost must be kept moist at all times. That's moist, not dry or soggy. The plant dislikes dryness at the roots, but too much water will cause the roots to rot. Unlike conventional houseplant watering wisdom, we've found the best approach is to water little but often.


How to Care for the Alocasia Recap:

  1. Average Light: This is a strictly down the middle plant. No intense direct sunlight, but also no deep shade.

  2. Average Watering: These plants don't like to dry out so aim to keep the soil moist during the growing months.

  3. Warm Temperature: Warm temperatures are preferred. Not lower than 16°C.

  4. Average Feeding: Alocasia plants grow slowly and are not too fussy about feed so once a month (or less) is fine.

  • Keep away from cool spots in your home. They really like the warmth even in winter.
  • Avoid placing in very dry areas, for example above heaters.


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